Kosplan Oy specializes in the design of onefamilyhouses, townhouses and other objects of private housing. If you need a structural design documentation of the onefamilyhouse or foundation design, contact us and we will be glad to help you.
We are working in Finnish, English and Russian languages.




Over then 6 years we design houses in Finland, Norway and Russia.
Look at some of our projects in the gallery below.
House in Vantaa
House in Vantaa
House in Helsinki
Villa in Stavanger (Norway)
House in St.Petersburg (Russia)
House in St.Petersburg (Russia)
House in St.Petersburg (Russia)
House on Kaskisaari
Villa in Puumala
KosPlan Oy is specialized in stone houses (Lammi, Laakka, Luja, Weber ets), wooden houses, house packages, foundations.
Our services:


  • Structural design (RAK)
  • Foundation design (spread foundations, pile foundations yms)
  • Base design reports (pohjarakennesuunnittelu)
  • Repair design
  • Renovation
  • Other construction consultancy services according the agreement
Other services
  • Structural design (ARK)
In our work we use the software such as AutoCAD, Pupax, Betlas etc.


Sergey Kosarev, M.Sc.


01670 Vantaa, Vantaankoskentie 14

tel.: +358 (0) 50 33 77 896



Kosplan Oy I Structural design


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